What can live among the ruins we have generated and how can we create collaborations with other species that allow us to survive?

This is the question that guided the construction of the second edition of Terrapolis – Festival of performances and collective practices, which this year welcomes you for the entire day of 2nd July in the spaces of Podere Canova, in the hills of Bologna, guests of @tenutabene.

Terrapolis, organised in collaboration with @circolodev, focuses on the relationship between art and nature, proposing, through visual and performing arts, the sharing of practices based on the concept of care, simpoiesis, and collaborative coexistence between species in an era of massive ecological devastation.

As Anna Tsing states, “staying alive – and I am referring to any species – requires a liveable collaboration. Collaboration means working to overcome differences.”

Workshops, performances, video art and installations will take place during the day.

The following artists will participate:

Sissj Bassani

Barb Bordoni

Collettiva Matsutake


Simone Scardino

Carlo Sella

Nat√°lia Trejbalov√°

Followed by DJ sets by Avere freddo and Ombre Lunghe.

Entrance is Up to you.

Terrapolis is part of Bologna Estate 2022, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna-Tourist Territory Bologna-Modena.