PARSEC STUDIO is the new programme proposed by Parsec with the aim of assisting and supporting artists in the research and project development phase.

Born from the encounter between the voices that have crossed our space and the spirit of openness and contamination that characterises us, Parsec Studio aims to be a possibility of exchange and support.
The programme envisages various forms of confrontation and collaboration, such as working within Parsec’s spaces, theoretical and practical support in the development of projects, and the sharing of targeted contacts between the various cultural and productive realities of the territory and beyond.

PARSEC STUDIO does not have defined timeframes and modalities, but wants to identify different and specific modes of support for each artist or collective.
A contribution is required, which varies according to the type of collaboration. An annual Parsec membership card of 5€ is also required.

If you are interested in the programme, please write to and we will discuss together how to collaborate.