Exercises in dedication to the world – throughout the day
This manifesto is a place to be
18:30 – 20

This manifesto is a place to be is both a map and a residue of a present we call neutopica: an exercise in dedication to the world.
Maps are the scores (i.e. the rules of the game).
Playing the scores is our way of making a manifesto and making the manifesto fail. Making scores produces potentially infinite manifestos: necessarily situated, opaque, unstable.
It is utopia in fieri, always only partially grasped, as it disappears before
us, in the thick of a forest.

A project curated by Edoardo Mozzanega, it promotes localised and temporary utopias, realising experimental and collaborative formats of transdisciplinary artistic residency. Research and artistic action are understood as tools for the creation of new
forms of living, co-imagining modes of coexistence and intra- and inter-specific alliances. The currently active work team consists of Tørk Egeberg, Marta Meroni, Edoardo Mozzanega, Barbara Novati, Flavia Passigli, Lucia Palladino, Alex Piacentini, Chiara Prodi. Neutopica has also been co-created as of 2019 by Eleonora Buono, Emanuela Gussoni, Angelica Villa and a broader network of artists, creatives and activists.