18 – 19 / 19:30 – 20:30
Carlo Sella

What are foundations? What can put everything in the balance? How do I move through uncertainty? A place within Terrapolis incites, excites, and challenges with these questions a site-specific creation that dares to seek physical and sonorous answers. A ritual of evanescence to which everyone is invited, but in which one can only participate individually.

Carlo Sella is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates the intersections between art and ecology. His training includes European courses in musical theatre, theatre of the senses and theatre for young people. He graduated in Barcelona in the Master of Ecological Politics, Environmental Justice and Degrowth with a performance thesis on the environmental injustices produced by waste disposal in South-East Asia. He is organising Alt-Shift, the degrowth festival that will take place in Austria at the end of August this year. She is currently focusing on building an international network that deals with the relationship between art and a just socio-ecological transition, holding workshops, writing, and bringing body and mind into play in performance shows.