Parsec, in collaboration with @regazdeifava and @kinodromo, presents Playground – Terrapolis Moving Image, two evenings of film screenings at Giardini Fava.

On Saturday 11 June and Saturday 23 July, there will be screened films and videos starting from the broader theme of art and ecology concerning Terrapolis – a festival of collective practices, performances, visual arts and music. The movies will reflect on the concept of sport as a practice of aggregation, social reorganisation and care of shared space. There will also be an opportunity to engage in a debate at the end of the screening.

11 June 2022 H 21:30
Screening The Legend of Swee’ Pea by director Benjamin May. (USA, 2015, 80′).

23 July 2022 H 21:30
Screening Vincersi by Mirko Giorgi, Alessandro Dardani. (Italy, 2014, 46′).
How much imagination does it take to climb an invisible wall?

The film, starting from sport, a passion that strongly binds those who frequent the Fava Gardens, aims to be a pretext for investigating the many connections between the urban and natural contexts, involving those who inhabit that space or cross it daily. A new look based on passion, courage and care for ourselves both as single individuals and as integral parts of the community.

Free entrance.
If you prefer, bring your towel, cushion or chair to be more comfortableə and better enjoy the projection.