About mirages and stolen stones
Natália Trejbalová

About Mirages and Stolen Stones is set in a speculative version of our Earth that, for unknown reasons, has suddenly become flat.
Our narrator is a scientist who recorded the film to document this impossible change, five years after the flattening. We are immersed in contemplation of what is happening on the screen, constantly questioning the physicality of matter and its proportions.
The initial idea for the film came from the artist’s interest in speculative narratives and popular conspiracy theories, in particular the flat Earth theory. This narrative can be seen as one of the consequences of the changes introduced in information management following the spread of the Internet, as well as the evolution that has occurred in our relationship with images and visual representation in general. One of the film’s distinctive features lies in the choice to adopt a subjective perspective of global phenomena, such as the impossible flattening of the earth’s surface. In other words, it is about imagining how we, as individuals, perceive the much larger changes affecting our planet as a whole.

Natália Trejbalová
Lives and works in Milan. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and later, film and video at the Brera School of New Art Technologies. Her multidisciplinary artistic practice leaves no boundaries between media, using the same approach whether video, object, drawing, photography, performance or other. In his latest films he explores through the possibilities of science fiction and speculative world-making our individual perception of transformations on a global scale, possible future interspecies relations and changes in the planetary environment.