Parsec is a collective founded by curators, artists, art historians, cultural workers who feel the urgency to talk about art highlighting its social value and the role it plays in the imagination of the present.

It is a space for participatory and fluid art, born from the desire to create and keep alive a debate on contemporary art and to have a shared space of work, discussion and debate.  

Parsec is the union of different voices, visions, and expressions linked by the common will to look in the same direction. It is a luminous phenomenon that wants to overcome distances to build relationships and open perspectives. 

In astronomy, a parsec is a unit of length that corresponds to about 3.26 light-years, based on the method of parallax, the oldest and most reliable way to measure stellar distances. From the Greek παράλλαξις “change, deviation, overlap” and παραλλάσσω “to change, shift,” parallax indicates both similarity and affinity and deviation, alteration, and contrast.  

Parallaxes define an apparent displacement of the object in relation to its background that results from a change in the observation position. This divergence, however, is not only subjective, observer and observed are intrinsically “mediated”: the gaze of the subject is already in the object. 

This is a perspective gap that depends on an impossibility of representation; it is up to the observers to grasp the gap between the things that open up to their eyes and their multiple differences. It is in this reflection, in this splitting of ourselves into something that is inside and outside the image, that our being in the world is manifested.

The reality we see is therefore never whole, but there is always a blind spot in which we are included. Only in this space, in which we are simultaneously definitive identities and shadows, freedom can exist.


The subdivision of the collective’s headquarters, in Bologna at Via del Porto 48 C/D, reflects the desire to offer itself as a space for creation and elaboration, as well as for discussion and confrontation. It consists of an exhibition area, a consultation area, a workshop section, which includes a darkroom and tools such as printers and scanners, and a small studio reserved for residencies.


Irene Adorni
Is a visual artist born in Parma in 1990 who lives and works in Bologna. She holds a BA in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and in 2019 she graduated with an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Silvia Calderoni 
Born in Lugo (RA), 1994, Curator and Communications Officer at the British School at Rome. She obtained in 2018 an MA in Art History and Museum Curating at Sussex University, UK. She worked in several galleries in the UK before coming back to Italy, and in 2022 she completed a First Level MA in Gender Studies and Policies at the University of Roma 3. She is currently concluding the Second Level Master in Gender Cities. Methods and techniques of urban and territorial planning and design at the University of Florence.

Daria Casadio 
Born near Ravenna in 1990, she studied Modern Literatures and Cultural  Anthropology in Bologna, specializing in anthropology of heritage and contemporary art.

Matilde Cassarini
Born in Florence in 1992, lives and  works in Bologna. She is a visual artist holding a BA in Scenography and an MA in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna.

Francesca Dondi
Born in Carpi ( MO ) in 1994, graduated in BA Painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna. She developed her studies around photography through workshops and masters. In 2020 she started a master in Photo Editing at Spazio LABO, Bologna.

Norina Iezzi
Born in Atessa (CH) in 1991, lives and works in Bologna. After a Philosophy degree she graduated in Didactics of Art and Mediation of Cultural Heritage at Fine Art Academy of Bologna.

Margo Lengua
Born in 1991, graduated  in Arts Heritages and Markets at IULM University of Milano. She works in cultural co-planning and enhancement of the artistic heritage through digital technologies.

Giulia Monte
Born in Domodossola (VB) in 1995. She deals with publishing and illustration. In 2017 she finished a study abroad program in Economics for Art and Publishing at Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon, Hong Kong. She graduated in 2019 in Applied Arts at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna. Now she’s studying Economics at UNIBO, University of Bologna

Arianna Pasini
Born in 1993 near Ravenna is a musician and curator. She graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Visual Arts at UNIBO, focusing on the art market. She is currently curating a private contemporary art collection and working on her first solo album.

Ginevra Romagnoli
Born in Fabriano (AN) in 1994, lives and works in Bologna. She is a graphic designer and photographer, graduated in Graphic design at ACCA Academy of Jesi.