Parsec: parallax of a second of arc.
In astronomy it is equivalent to 3.26 light-years.

Parsec was born from the need to reflect on the role of art and the contemporary. It is a collective founded by artists*, art historians, employees of the cultural and communication sector who feel the urgency to talk about art in the round and give it an ethical value. An ethic that is not morality, notionism or imposition, but stimulus and openness towards different imaginations and new horizons.

Parsec is a space of participatory and fluid culture that highlights and gives consciousness through practical and theoretical confrontation.
We believe that art, today more than ever, must take on this responsibility and overcome the narrow field of making / producing art.
Parsec is the union of different voices, looks and signs linked by the common will to look in the same direction. It is a luminous phenomenon that wants to overcome distances to build relationships and open perspectives.