On Tuesday 22 March at 8.30 p.m. at the Circolo DEV, Borghi will present the performance lecture In Praise of the Margin, followed by a moment of discussion and dialogue with the audience.

Borghi’s work plays on the device of the conference and the academic institutional context, inserting performative elements and investigating the meaning of being on the margins when living in a privileged context. In Praise of the Margin is conceived as an autobiographical narrative experiment that mixes and hybridises registers, codes and genres. The text questions norms in institutional spaces and claims the value and power of inhabiting the margin and strategies of resistance.

The work was constructed by Borghi through feminist epistemology – echoing the writer, activist and feminist Bell Hooks, to whom the title is owed – and post-porn practices, in which the body is placed at the centre and questioned, becoming an instrument of empowerment, of impoterament.

Thanks to the performativity of the body, reflections are introduced concerning censorship, behavioural codes, the legitimacy of nudity and the issue of consent: from this perspective it is the body that regulates space and time, and not vice versa.

Free admission with prior booking by writing to parsec.bo@gmail.com.

Entrance is reserved for AICS members in possession of an enhanced greepass.

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On Thursday 24 March at 4 p.m. at the Parsec association, Borghi will present the workshop-feminist guerrilla women, a live drawing workshop based on the words of a guerrilla feminism that resists, opposes and “creates alternatives and new worlds” (bell hooks). The words become the body, the drawings become the trace of the passage of individual bodies that create a collective corp(us)o. The atelier wants to reflect on the relationship between those who are drawn and those who draw through readings, images and suggestions that refer to the possibilities of impoterament. Through the practices of care, you will have the opportunity to experience and participate in a moment of sharing and collective reflection.

Free admission with prior booking at parsec.bo@gmail.com.

Parsec membership card required 5€.

The materials will be provided by Parsec, participants can bring their own paints, pencils, pens and anything else that can be used for drawing.

You must have a Super Green Pass.

Rachele Borghi is a transfeminist, activist and professor of Geography at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Her work focuses on the deconstruction of dominant norms that materialise in places and the contamination of spaces through dissident and militant bodies.

Together with other professors and students, she created the SCRUM Brigade – Sorcières pour un Changement Radical de l’Université Merdique – with which she creates performances and spaces for reflection. The SCRUM Manifesto reads: “For nearly four years, we have been a very small group of feminist teachers at the Sorbonne in Paris trying to create and maintain a space of resistance and creation in a context that is hostile to change, reactionary, and asserts its conservatism. We are not always the same but we are always there. We have learned not to be afraid to unite personal and professional, to integrate our emotions, to mobilise and share our privileges.”
She published Decoloniality and Privilege: feminist practices and critique of the world-system with Maltemi Editore in 2020.