One of the intentions of Parsec is to create and keep alive a debate on the contemporary within a common place of work, discussion and confrontation.

To this end, our CRITS program was born. The CRITS is a moment in which the artist opens himself to a collective criticism, to a confrontation with the public present in the space. The public, observing the work, will be able to express their point of view, building a moment of reflection and shared analysis.
Each CRIT is open to all and lasts 45 minutes, structured in a first part in which the artist cannot intervene in the discussion but just listen, and in a second part in which the artist can participate directly.

The second artist who will present his work will be Andrea Baraldi (aka James Beghelli) on September 29 at 18:30.

Andrea Baraldi (1989), in art James Beghelli, began his creative production attending the course of Decoration, the subject in which he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Since the beginning of his activity, he tried to bring together the skills he had in different areas: illustration, printing and photography, so as to develop a multifaceted artistic profile and be able to work with different tools.
Her style is functional to the disciplines she masters and elements of each can be discovered in all her artistic creations. He has always loved to play with the “errors” of realization because in them he finds the vitality and character that distinguishes the work in its final realization.
He has a strong interest in analogue photography that he tries to merge with the use of digital tools to create a link between past and present.
The artist lives and works in Bologna.

September 29 at 18:30

All CRITs are open to the public and free of charge, with recommended booking and mandatory membership (€5).

For reservations write to

The event will take place in total safety and in compliance with the Covid-19 emergency containment guidelines.