Friday 4 March
6.30 p.m.

The exhibition was created as the final moment of the PARSEC RESIDENCY programme, which from October 2021 to January 2022 offered the selected artists Abd Alrahman Dukmak, Luca Campestri and Jacopo Casamenti an environment of confrontation and research in which to deepen their artistic practice, through a period of residency in the Parsec spaces.

During the months of residency Luca Campestri and Jacopo Casamenti continued their research into some of the fundamental themes of their practice, the fluidity of the natural/artificial categories and the effect that human beings have on them. Hence the Permeazioni project.

Entering the space, one finds oneself inside a system made up of cables and tie-rods that seem to be responsible for the modulation and diffusion of the audible sound in the room, but whose origin is not understood. The machinery created by Casamenti, paradoxical as a machine because it is in fact useless, is in reality only responsible for the deviation of the spectator’s judgement and is devoted exclusively to the gaze. It actually happens that the sound of the user’s steps is transformed by Campestri through some piezoelectric microphones, so that the subject is projected into the gear of a soundscape, understanding only later to be its most important component. By focusing on the physiological rhythm of walking and distorting the sound, the installation raises the essential question of one’s responsibility within a system.

The work The Neck of Abd Alrahman Dukmak reflects on the physical and sentimental weight of the artist’s many moves over the last eleven years.

As happens in every journey, in order to remember and fix the sensations experienced during all the moves, some fundamental questions arise from which to start: what is the reason for the move? What happens during it and what happens after it? The answers to these questions lead to the exploration of concepts such as persistence, movement, death and life, which always repeat themselves, cyclically.

As the artist writes in a text presented in conjunction with the work: “I remember a feeling from my last move… While I was moving my things, I was reincarnated as a porter. I stopped belonging to my suitcase and my suitcase stopped belonging to me”.

Luca Campestri (1999) was born in Florence and landed in 2018 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he attended the course of Art and Environment Decoration. Here he trained under the influence of Stefano Scheda, with whom he still collaborates. Graduated in 2021, he won the Critics’ and Collectors’ Art Up Award promoted by the Zucchelli Foundation.
He is currently attending the two-year course in Visual Arts Painting.

Jacopo Casamenti (2001) was born in Forlì, he is currently attending the course of Art and Environment Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he lives and works. He designed and participated in Arte Dal Vivo edition 2021, an independent event of artistic hybridisation, and presented three works at the collective exhibition organised by ABABO, TAZ!

Abd Alrahman Dukmak (1993) born and raised in Damascus, moved to Beirut to study Radio TV & Film. He is currently completing his studies in Multimedia Arts at the IUAV University of Venice. His works are mainly expressed through video and photography, but his practice is open to experimentation and the use of different media. His film Unwritten Letters, made with Max Bloching, has been selected in major national and international film festivals and has recently won the Wiley Blackwell Student Film Prize at the RAI Film Festival 2021.