The whole day of Saturday 27 November is dedicated to the public programme of Parsec Residency, a residency programme for emerging artists.

11 a.m. – 6 p.m Open studio
The studios of the artists in residence, Abd Alrahman Dukmak, Luca Campestri and Jacopo Casamenti, will be open to the public in order to create an opportunity for direct encounters with the community that can involve and raise awareness of the artists’ projects and research, encouraging their work with and on the territory.

6:30 pm Talk with TBD ULTRAMAGAZINE
Curatorial practices and ultra-publishing perspectives
TBD ULTRAMAGAZINE presents the ultra-publishing project that involves the publication of a thematic magazine and the collaboration with artists for the realization of events related to it. The artists with whom the magazine collaborates are invited to respond to the contents presented through an action or a work, starting from a current event that becomes a potential producer and icon of the contemporary spirit of the time. Starting from a specific focus on a theme, the magazine opens windows of dialogue and continuous questioning on art and aesthetics, questioning the relationship between artistə, criticə and curat_ and defining a practice that solicits a mutual exchange of ideas and opens up infinite interpretative and non-exclusive possibilities.

TBD ULTRAMAGAZINE is a project by Irene Sofia Comi, Camilla Compagni, Roberto Malaspina, Francesca Manni, Sofia Pirandello, Iacopo Prinetti and Miriam Rejas Del Pino.

Free entrance. Optional membership card 5€.

Self-financing event with fundraising both in presence and online.
Throughout the day on Saturday 27th you can order a shirt or shopper specially screen-printed by us with the frame made by checkpointcharly_bologna, or you can support us by giving away or setting up one of our services designed just for this occasion. Come and visit us!

For info:

The event will be held in compliance with the Covid-19 emergency containment guidelines. To enter, you must have a Green Pass.