On Thursday 23 November at 6.30 pm, Sara Antimi, winner of the PARSEC RESIDENCY programme, will open her research to a collective critique.

The CRIT is a moment in which the artist opens up to a confrontation with the public, who will be able to express their point of view by building an occasion for shared analysis. Each CRIT is open to all and lasts 45 minutes.

In the artist’s research, one glimpses a suspended attraction towards an elsewhere that has always led back to funfairs or amusement parks. Drawing on his own childhood memories, Antimi creates surreal works of art linked to the world of dreams and nightmares.

Sara Antimi is an illustrator from Romagna.
She attended the PERF in Animated Drawing at the Urbino School of Books, and then enrolled in Comics and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Over the years, she has collaborated with magazines, self-productions and independent publishing projects. She continues to explore new mediums while trying to escape the Riviera.

23.11.2023 6:30 pm

Design by the students of the graphic design course at the Arcangeli high school in Bologna.