On Saturday, December 2, Parsec invites you to its space!

Open studio
From 11:30 am
, the studios of Sara Antimi and Irene Cassarini will open to the public for a full day of open studio, designed to introduce the artists’ work and create a moment of exchange and sharing.

Talk In-ruins: Contemporary Art and Archaeology
At 6:30 p.m.

Founded in 2018, In-ruins is an art project directed by Maria Luigia Gioffrè and Nicola Guastamacchia dedicated to contemporary art research in relation to historical-archaeological heritage.
Through residencies, talks and conferences, In-ruins connects history, contemporary art and philosophical thought, working on a rewriting of archaeological ruins within new landscapes, real and speculative, that look at myth, symbols, collective memory and the political significance of archaeological discovery.

In conversation:
Maria Luigia Gioffrè, founder and co-director In-ruins
Nicola Guastamacchia, co-director In-ruins
Nicola Nitido, curatorship and production In-ruins
Ottavia Mosca, contributor to the volume

Archivalia is a publication published by In-ruins, edited by In-ruins & Roberta Garieri
Mathilde Ayoub, Stella Bottai, Federica Bueti, Clelia Coussonnet, Roberta Garieri, Maria Luigia Gioffrè, Nicola Guastamacchia, Ottavia Mosca, Nicola Nitido, Vito Teti, Giulio Verago, Emii Alrai, Giulia Bernardi, Lidia Bianchi, Simona Brinkmann, Ettore Favini, Itamar Gov, Anna Ill, Nicola Lorini, Stefano Serretta.
Design: Lilia di Bella

The design for the event is by the students of the graphic design course at the Arcangeli high school in Bologna, Italy.