Thursday 22 July 2021
7 p.m.

Founded in Abruzzo in 2020, the @ambaradangiornale magazine presents itself as a paper museum, a space for visual and linguistic experimentation with no editorial boundaries.

On this occasion, its third issue will be presented, containing the CD, produced in collaboration with OTTN Projects, Why control Everything? by @daniele_digirolamo.

The CD is composed of sounds, partly reworked, recorded during the student protests in Hong Kong that the artist witnessed.

“The impression one gets at the end of listening is that of being projected not into the protest, but into a metropolis that is now abandoned, extinguished, where the cries of revolt are only distant echoes and the barriers erected in the streets serve to protect ghosts”.

Contributors to this issue::

Martina Aliprandi; Boemondo Bonaventura; Nicol Colombaro; Aurora Druda; Chiara Druda; Marco De Leonibus; Martina De Marco; Matteo Di Cintio; Daniele Di Girolamo; Valentina Mannucci; Silvia Mantellini Faieta; Marina; Eliano Serafini; Marco Taddei; Mariagiorgia Ulbar