angoli e soglie | workshop curated by Sissj Bassani
20 May 2022

On Friday, 20th May at 6 pm, Parsec presents Angoli e soglie, a workshop curated by Sissj Bassani – winner of the PARSEC RESIDENCY/ART & ECOLOGIES project. 

The workshop proposes exercises that deal with the definition of postures (read presence) and therefore physical conditions of pause, listening, and activity. Dance is understood as an involuntary act, the consequence of imaginative states or self-imposed limits. The point is to grasp the proposals that the body already gives and that the atmospheric condition suggests. 

Choreography, breath/voice, and location in relation to the architecture and other people build an environment within which to listen. 

Reading light in the dark. 
The boundaries between dream and memory.
The music and the rest disappear. 
The dance is already there.

The spine is behind us. 
Presence has to do with the coronal plane. 

To fill a room, turn down the volume.

The marvellous source by Ayn Rand 

Alberto Ricca/Bienoise, Glauco Salvo, Parini Secondo (Martina Piazzi, Camilla Neri, Francesca Pizzagalli), Filippo Tappi, Pier Paolo Zimmermann, Collettivo Laagam, Furtherset, Akrida Festival Milano, Claudia Castellucci, Daniele Albanese, Elisa Sbaragli, Kawabate, NicoNote, Municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone in the person of the mayor Filippo Giovannini, Bremo, Libreria Holt, Podere Bislacco, Parsec Bologna, the comrades of Mòra (Francesca Siracusa, Silvia Ciancimino, René Ramos, Pier Paolo Zimmermann, Guillermo de Cabanyes, Camilla Rizzi) and others. 

20th May 2022

H. 17 – 18
Workshop for adolescents 
Community space, Bolognaattiva, DumBO – Via Camillo Casarini, 19, Bologna

H. 18 – 21 

Community space, Bolognaattiva, DumBO – Via Camillo Casarini, 19, Bologna

Maximum 15 participants 
The workshop is free of charge.
The event will be held following the Covid-19 guidelines.
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