Terrapolis – archeologie di futuro
23 September 2023
Parco di Villa Angeletti  Via de’ Carracci, 73° – Bologna

Terrapolis is a festival that revolves around the link between art and the environment, investigating the ways in which contemporary art practice can intervene in a wide range of ecological issues. The festival supports the development and sharing of artistic projects that, through the use of different media, investigate the existing and inseparable relationship between the ecological and social spheres.

Terrapolis, named after a fictional equation reported by Donna Haravay in Chthulucene, surviving on an infected planet (Nero Editions, 2019), combines a variety of contemporary languages to reflect on important issues of our time, such as the relationship with the environment, possible new types of relationships between individuals and the collective imagination of the future.

Now in its third edition, Terrapolis – archaeologies of the future, reflects on utopia as a trace of the future to follow.

Damian Borovsky states that ‘amidst the ruins of the present, we trace archaeologies of the future’: when the most plausible predictions describe the future dramatically, and when any attempt at a utopian solution must face the pressures of post-industrial globality, a total rethinking of the fundamental mechanisms of society must be reaffirmed.

Terrrapolis – archaeologies of the future reconsiders the role utopian thinking can play in the age of planetary crisis, during two different days characterised by different modes of imagination.

7 LUGLIO 2023
h 18.30

The preview day on 7 July will take place at Tenuta Bene (Podere Canova) in the hills of Bologna, in collaboration with Circolo DEV.
The works reflect on the topic of “ambitopia”: world imaginations that aim to go beyond the dichotomy of dystopian or utopian futures. Ambitopias are different, sustainable and post-capitalist futures, they draw from a variety of approaches and beliefs and do not attempt to describe a better future, but rather the different directions in which reality might tend.
Film works by Catriona Gallagher, Pedro Neves Marques, Gerard Ortín Castellví will be screened outdoors. The evening will open with a live recording session by Radio Khame.

19.30 – Radio Khame
Live Recording- Take 02
21.30 – Future Foods by Gerard Ortin Castelvi
22.00 –
Becoming Male in the Middle Ages by Pedro Neves Marques
22.30 – Perdikaki by Catriona Gallagher



The day on 23 September at the Villa Angeletti Park will focus on possible different ways of being together to create a relationship with the surrounding environment. Starting from the observation that utopia can lead to a revolution in everyday life, against the sterile language of progress and liberal development, countless possible sources of change will be sought together.

Workshops and performances will alternate inside the park and along the Navile canal walk, investigating the surrounding natural context from different perspectives. With Landra, Gabriele Longega, Lorenzo Lunghi, Rebecca Ganima Michelini, Rachele Montoro, Roma non esiste, TOCIA!. The programme of the day will be realised in collaboration with Fermento in Villa e L’Ora d’Aria

h 11 – Camminare nel fango senza lasciare tracce
Workshop with Gabriele Longega

h 12 – Futures Creatures
Workshop with Rebecca Ganima Michelini / research

h 13-15 – Apocalypse Sauce
lunch organised by TOCIA!

h 15 – Futures Creatures
Workshop with Rebecca Ganima Michelini / construction

h 15.30 – Dry eyes are worse than a shotgun blast! – L’uocchie sicche so’ peggio d’e scuppettate”
Guided meditation against the evil eye with Rachele Montoro

h 16 – Touching Ground
Workshop with Landra

h 18 – Attempts at observation
Talk, projection and collective practice with Sofia Naglieri of Romanonesiste

Aperitif and dinner with Fermento in Villa and L’Ora d’Aria

h 21 – The antennist
Performance by Lorenzo Lunghi

h 21.30 – The Great Succession
Performance by Landra

Terrapolis is part of Bologna Estate 2023, the programme of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna – Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory.