01.07.2023 – 16.07.2023
Opening 30.06.2023 at 18.30 

Enzo and Barbara’s exhibition comes as the closing moment of the three-month residency that allowed the artists to develop their research in Parsec’s spaces.

VELENO VENETO is a site-specific installation that reflects on the relationship between pollution and agriculture, a major part of the region’s economic performance but severely damaged by industrial production methods. In particular, the work stems from research on the case of the Miteni chemical plant in the municipality of Trissino, which is guilty of having poured harmful substances, mostly perfluoroalkyl compounds (Pfas), into the aquifer.

The land, from a means of life and sustenance, a true cultural heritage, is thus transformed into a damp plain, drowned in fog and fluorescent sewage, from which sick and disturbingly shaped plants grow.

Opening 30.06.2023 at 18.30
Free entrance

Opening hours:
Wednesday- Saturday 16.30-19.30
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday by appointment only.

Admission up to you or with Parsec membership card (5€).

Enzo e Barbara is an artistic project created by two artists from Padua, respectively Riccardo Lodi and Greta Fabrizio. The duo aims to explore and deepen the theme of human communication, its limitations and advantages, with a special focus on mycology and botany. By delving into these topics and observing the effects of human beings in the world, one can easily understand what the problems of social-historical behaviour among humans can be. It goes without saying that a link with the Veneto and Po Valley area is inherent in the project, given the conformation and culture of this territory.

The exhibition is part of the festival Terrapolis – archaeologies of the future.
Terrapolis is part of Bologna Estate 2023, the programme of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna – Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory.