Se una città è situata su un’altura
19-24 May 2023

Registration is open until 3 May for the workshop Se una città è collocata su un’altura, which will be held from 19 to 24 May in the spaces of Parsec. The workshop is a project by the Šumma ālu collective curated by A Priori Magazine in collaboration with Parsec. The event is part of the Terrapolis 2023 exhibition curated by Parsec. 

Se una città è collocata su un’altura, it is a workshop conceived as an act of divination of the desires of the participants, literally a desidumanzia: de (lack) sidus (stars) manzia (divination). Over the course of 6 days, a speculative praxis will be developed through the sharing of one’s desires and how they may concretise in the present the customs of the humans of the future.

The workshop will start on the fifth new moon of 2023.

For more information and to register: workshop is free with a Parsec card (5€).

Hito Steyerl writes: for [a] probability to come true, it is not enough to believe in it, you must act as if it were reality. You must imitate a reality that does not yet exist and play with it until it becomes reality. That is how you move from play to action.

The future is inscribed in the horizon of expectations and in the daily practices we carry out. If a city is located on a hill, it is a journey that links the valleys to the mountains along an anti-gravitational escape line. The journey will be interspersed with exchanges, comparisons and assemblages of the participants’ desires. A path not without its pitfalls that will lead to the collective imagination and concretisation of the desired future. Thus, starting from personal imaginaries, we will begin to devise an encyclopaedia on the uses and customs of the humans of the future and then move beyond the fabulation of our own tale into its practical and joyful formation in the spaces of Parsec Bologna.