Sunday 11 June from 4.30 pm at Arco Iris R, k.i.n. – the network project involving realities that deal with contemporary art and culture in Bologna, presents the round table Independent spaces and territory.

The aim of the event is to continue the debate begun during the first evening of k.i.n’s presentation, as well as to create an opportunity for exchange and comparison.

The meeting will open with a presentation of the new realities that have become part of k.i.n. and the network’s projects, and will follow with a round table to discuss the ways in which independent realities relate to the community and the territory. Guest speakers will be Emanuele Meschini (art critic and historian), Cecilia Canziani of IUNO (contemporary art research centre – Rome), Piergiorgio Rocchi and Werther Albertazzi of Planimetrie Culturali (social promotion association – Bologna) and some k.i.n. realities will talk about their relationship with the urban context of Bologna. 

To follow, from 7.30 pm, live music with the 8 South American guests of the Professione musicista project – Lab23 and Morlam, K-Type, Shinezz.

Free admission

Arco Iris R – artistic residence – Via di Corticella, 104 – Bologna
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