sense-less-ness | Parsec in collaboration with Ombre Lunghe
14 May 2022 9 p.m.
Caterina Gobbi presents Had There Been Anyone To Listen
Sebastiano Carghini [live]
Giesse [Dj Set]

Ateliersi – via S. Vitale 69 Bologna

Thanks to the collaboration between Parsec and Ombre Lunghe, on Saturday 14 May 2022, sense-less-ness will be held within the spaces of AtelierSi. The event is specifically designed to extend the focus of the STRANGE STRANGERS exhibition. It will feature the performance Had there been anyone to listen by Caterina Gobbi and a live performance by Sebastiano Carghini (Total Stasis) with his latest record As Long As I Go, followed by a DJ set by Giesse.