Spiritual Inertia, Circular Desire
2 February 2023, 6.30 pm

Marsèll Paradise – Milan
Curated by Felice Moramarco. Presented by Demo and Parsec.

Spiritual Inertia, Circular Desire is a screening and live performance event that explores the constant tension between individual affective experiences and the collective dimension. The potentially destructive force of this ineliminable hiatus is however defused by forms of collective rituality that allow it to be transformed into creative energy, activating processes of subjective decomposition and recomposition.

Through different visual, sound and performance practices, Spiritual Inertia, Circular Desire presents reworkings of forms of rituality that emerge from the individual-collective circular tension. Francesca Flora and nobile’s performance Practices of Persistent Resonance explores conditions of individual discomfort within oppressive political-cultural contexts through the recursive interaction of voice and digital sound. Combining texts shot through with a subtle cynicism with sounds derived from the modular alteration of the performative voice, Practices activates a process of circular sharing of poetic discourse, with the aim of creating a plane of affective-experiential sharing. Again through the performative use of voice and sound, Shells that glow like åmber by Circular Ruins & oxi pëng traverses the imaginary realm of the “sham hai jing” (mountains and sea), which, according to 4th century B.C. Chinese mythology, is inhabited by a multiplicity of eternal spirits. 

M (Circular Ruins) and O (oxi pëng) create a sound-performance tale that evokes this mysterious world of spiritual presences and mythical creatures.

Free entry.