On Saturday, October 8, ten independent realities in Bologna present the project k.i.n. – keep in network – on the occasion of the Day of Contemporary Art.

k.i.n. is a network project involving several independent realities dealing with contemporary art and culture. An expanding multi-cellular organism generated by the synergy of ten associations active in Bologna that unite into a single force through open and constant collaboration and dialogue. The network of associations acts as a sounding board giving voice to common purposes and goals while maintaining the peculiar characteristics of each of the realities that are and will be part of it.
The project aims to bring together both the skills and material availability of each association, with the aim of making sustainable the projects and initiatives that are intended to be carried out both as a network and as individual realities. 

Currently the associations involved are: Adiacenze, Checkpoint Charly, EXIT – ASAP, Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Maison Ventidue, Nelumbo, Ottovolante, Parsec, Tank and TIST.

The intent of the project is also to involve an increasing number of entities in the area that deal mainly with contemporary art in its most diverse facets.

On Saturday, October 8, k.i.n. will introduce itself to the city and tell how the project was born and how it intends to develop. 

The event will be structured in two main moments: the first one presenting the project and one following in which there will be a round table discussion in which there will be a direct confrontation with the public and someə guests who will bring their experience regarding the issues specific to independent spaces and community making. 

Davide Da Pieve (historian and art critic), Etta Polico (president of the Serendippo Association) and Untitled Association (an association committed to the creation of a solid network of contacts and relations between galleries, foundations and institutions operating in the contemporary art world) will be involved.

The evening will continue with musical selection by k.i.n.

Admission is free with ARCI membership card.
For info write to: kin.keepinnetwork@gmail.com