Parsec, in collaboration with the Eden ASD Association, presents Container: a project aimed at children and teenagers who, through art and sports, will address issues of the body understood as a container and mediator with the surrounding environment. 

A journey, far and wide, toward self-discovery, the way individuals relate to the outside world and the world that surrounds and includes us. Sports and arts will be the main characters of the activities.

Parkour, aerial fabrics, trapeze and capoeira will dialogue with three artistic-creative workshops that will take place simultaneously with the sports activities over three days.

The workshops, through different artistic languages, will address the theme of the body and space following three main strands: the inner investigation of the body, the relationship it has with the surrounding external space and the element that divides the two, namely the skin, a subtle boundary that delimits and defines an inside and an outside, understood as the first opening to the world. These will be designed and adapted from time to time to the target audience. The participantə, on the same day, will therefore do both the target sports activity and the workshop.

At the end of these meetings there will be an event open to all in which to confront each other, return what has emerged during the workshops and expand the debate on the body thanks to the interventions of an artist and an athlete who, through their personal experience, will bring further stimuli to the great theme and journey around the body. 


Tuesday, September 7
H 9-12 
Breathe in: into the depths of the body
Sport: Capoeira
Workshop: Discovering the self, between identity and physicality

Thursday, September 9
H 9-12 
Skin: boundary of the body
Sport: Circus 
Workshop: What is skin? What does it look like? What is a boundary? 

Wednesday, September 15
H 16-19
Empty and full: bodies in space
Sport: Parkour
Workshop: Relationship with the world, between animate and inanimate bodies

Saturday, September 25
H 17:30

TALK with: Irene Adorni – Visual artist and vice president association Parsec A.P.S. and Calogero “Lillo” Passarello – President association A.S.D. Eden E.T.S. A.P.S.


Workshops are FREE and aimed at children between 8 and 13 years old.
Maximum 20 participants per meeting. 
To make reservations call Gaia 3494051346. 

Activities will be held at Dumbo’s Workshop Shed, Via Camillo Casarini 19 in Bologna. 

AICS membership is required for insurance purposes. 
It can be done on site at a cost of €10. 

The meetings will be held in compliance with the Covid-19 emergency containment guidelines.

The activities are part of the Bologna si attiva review funded by the Urban Innovation Foundation, with the support of the Municipality of Bologna, Porto-Saragozza District, Dumbo and CINNICA – Libera consulta per una città amica dell’infanzia.
Together with Cantieri Meticci, Dinamica Associazione, Leila Bologna – La biblioteca degli oggetti and YaBasta, we will collaborate to carry out activities at the Dumbo Workshop Shed throughout the month of September.