Dhomus / GLORIA DARDARI 2019

Dhomus is the attestation and awareness of a personal psychological condition that culminates in an existential annulment. By placing the body within a domestic space, new and unprecedented opportunities for adaptation arise. The artist rethinks his image by looking outside himself: a simple body, alive and dead, becoming an image. The entire physical and psychological process allows the artist to exercise a new form of liberation from his subjectivity, making him an actor and spectator of his breath as much as of his tragic deposition.

Gloria Dardari (Parma, 1991) lives and works in Bologna. In 2018 she graduated in Photography, Cinema and Television at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she is currently attending the two-year course in Visual Arts. During her first years of study, she developed a strong interest in set design and started working in the film and television industry as a set designer. This passion influences her practice, enabling her to create a dialogue between concrete and mental spaces. Through photography, video and installations, her main artistic languages, the boundary between the real and the psychological becomes a place to be experienced through the body, its form and measure. His latest exhibitions include the solo show Disbiosi at the Adiacenze gallery in Bologna, a group show The image as a process at the Photo Open Up festival in Padua and Habitat at Palazzo Magnani in Bologna.