We’re closed, come closer.

Close ( ) stems from the need to reflect and react to the emotional, existential and cultural closure we are experiencing in this particular historical moment. It is the desire to come closer, to look inside and linger as a physical and ideological stance.

We are convinced that the work of art needs a present gaze, and that instances of sharing from below can activate new ways of thinking about art and its practices in this time that seems suspended to us. Parsec invites you to get closer, to go beyond closure, looking through a crack that becomes a glimmer and the possibility of bringing out what should remain hidden.

Close ( ) is the title of a series of exhibitions visible exclusively through a crack in Parsec’s shutter. It is a reconsideration, based on the decrees concerning the suspension of cultural activities, of certain works that should have been part of the 2020 public programme. The artists’ installations will be the starting point for a series of reflections and critical discussions online, in the form of in-depth studies made available to the public, with whom we hope to be able to continue the discussion in person as soon as possible.

Each work that will be part of the Close ( ) project will therefore be a way of collecting images, thoughts and suggestions that open up new directions.