Written between 1963 and 1967, Cornelius Cardiew’s “Treatise” is a non-idiomatic musical score comprising 193 pages of lines, symbols, and various geometric or abstract shapes that largely eschew conventional musical notation.

The score is not accompanied by any explicit instructions on how to perform the work, or on what means of sound production it is to be used.

Together with the musician Nicola Raccanelli, the participants in the workshop on 4, 5, and 13 October 2021 will explore “Treatise” by reading the score through IanniX software. The Workshop will develop in moments of technical and aesthetic discussion and in a subsequent executive moment in the form of a concert on October 14th.

The Workshop has a strongly electroacoustic breath but every type of interpreter is welcome. Minimum knowledge of the use of computers as a musical instrument is required.

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The workshop is free for the members of the Parsec Association (€ 5 card).

According to the present provisions, participation is allowed with the Green Pass.