The Terrapolis review will include a series of talks to explore ecological thinking from different perspectives.

As T.J Demos notes, many artistic approaches in ecology suggest entering into symbiosis with the botanical world through an ‘aesthetics of connection, valuing kinship relationships through the adoption of alternative practices of coexistence. These practices, however, often fail to consider the forces that prevent effective change. We will therefore ask, together with our guests, how to adopt a more critical and radical point of view.

First appointment:
18.06 with Carmine Conelli (Tamu Edizioni) and Gabriella Palermo (University of Palermo) at DEV Garden, where we will talk about anti-meridionalism and decolonial practices in the Mezzogiorno (South of Italy).

Terrapolis Talk is part of Bologna Estate 2024, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna – Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory.