Anti-meridionalism and decolonial practices in the Mezzogiorno
with Gabriella Palermo (UniPa) e Carmine Conelli (Tamu Edizioni)
DEV Garden – Giardino del Cavaticcio

Passaggio Alinovi, entrance on the side of Via del Porto

The first TERRAPOLIS TALK will take place on June 18 at 6:30 p.m. with Gabriella Palermo (University of Palermo and University of Florence) in conversation with Carmine Conelli (Tamu Edizioni). The talk will explore the issues of anti-meridionalism and decolonial practices in the Mezzogiorno. 

What language is used to describe Southern Italy? How does “internal colonialism” work? How do ecological and transfeminist struggles come together with those against antimeridionalism in the Mezzogiorno? And how, instead, is greenwashing operated at the expense of the very Mezzogiorno?
We will discuss this and much more with Gabriella Palermo, researcher in Human and Oceanographic Geography at The University of Palermo and activist of Non Una di Meno, and Carmine Conelli, co-founder of Tamu Editions and author of Il rovescio della nazione. La costruzione coloniale dell’idea di Mezzogiorno (Tamu Editions, 2023).

Carmine Conelli (Naples, ’87) is part of the editorial collective of Tamu Edizioni, which he helped found. After earning a doctorate in International Studies at L’Orientale University in Naples with a research in the field of cultural and postcolonial studies, he escaped from academia. He is the author of Il rovescio della nazione. La costruzione coloniale dell’idea di Mezzogiorno.

Gabriella Palermo is a research fellow in Geography at the University of Palermo and has been a member of Non una di Meno Palermo and the Borgo Vecchio Popular Outpatient Clinic for years. She received her Ph.D. in 2023 with a thesis entitled Facts and Fabulas. More-than-wet geographies of the Black Mediterranean (in publication). She is a lecturer at the University of Palermo and at the University of Florence, where she taught for the Master Città di genere. Metodi e tecniche di pianificazione e progettazione urbana e territoriale. Her research interests include: critical oceanic geographies, gendered geographies, transfeminist fabulations. 

📷I Giudei di San Fratello, date and author unknown. Source: cover of the book Il rovescio della nazione. La costruzione coloniale dell’idea di Mezzogiorno by Carmine Conelli, Tamu Editions

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