DIVERSIONS is a moving image exhibition organised by Parsec in collaboration with Circolo DEV.

Through different intermedial artistic languages, the image takes on deviations and hijackings of form and content.
The exhibition aims to investigate those interstices, traditional and experimental, of the use of the moving image through audiovisual languages: from video art to experimental cinema, from found footage to video theatre, passing through those new hybrid forms of contemporary artistic practices, free from traditional theoretical classifications.

Diversions will consist of three encounters, each curated by a different Bologna-based organisation:

27th April 2022
Curated by Parsec

18th May 2022
Curated by Metoché

25th May 2022
Edited by Circuito Nomadica

The events will take place at Circolo DEV – Via Capo di Lucca 29/3G in Bologna, at 21:30.
Entrance is ‘Up to you’ and reserved for AICS members in possession of the reinforced Green pass.
Online registration: https://www.circolodev.com/