On 12 April 2023 at 9 pm, for the third event of Diversions – Moving Image Showcase Vol. II, Parsec presents ‘Feral Domestic’, by Dani & Sheilah ReStack (2022) curated by Nomadica at the Circolo Dev .

Brought together for the first time in a trilogy – these three videos (Strangely Ordinary This Devotion, Come Coyote and Future From Inside) are testimonies of time, queer desire, family, conflict and are also an attempt to delineate a collaborative art practice that can act as an escape route to a world that often seems broken. The domestic hearth, this is the hypothesis, can be a place of unexpected catalysing and invention.

Gathered under the title ‘Feral Domestic’, the videos offer an intimate and visceral look at the ways in which the decision to form a family can coexist with artistic creation.

Nomadica is a circuit for experimental and artists’ cinema, supporting the creation and circulation of autonomous works.