What’s cooking at Parsec? 

Deep fry is a cooking method that consists in frying food in very hot oil to make it crispier and tastier. We do this every weekend, bringing a variety of insights to the table through short interviews, articles and contributions.

DEEP FRYday is the new Friday column, which will present some of the topics Parsec would have wished to discuss during these months.

Preparation: take a topic of your choice, dip it in boiling oil for a few minutes, plate it and serve very hot.

Enjoy the taste of DEEP FRYday, from Friday 12th of March.

For now all we can do is fry!

Article by Matilde Cassarini
Article by Judith Inglavaga
Article by Norina Iezzi
Words and Photos by Ginevra Romagnoli
Words and Photos by Francesca Dondi
Daria Casadio in conversation with Marcello Galvani
Arianna Pasini in conversation with Nicola Samorì
Irene Adorni in conversation with Sara Sassanelli
Giulia Monte in conversation with Ticko Liu
Silvia Calderoni in conversation with Avril Corron