The CRIT is a moment in which the artist opens up to a collective critique and discussion with the public who can express their views on the work on display, building an opportunity for shared analysis. Each CRIT is open to all and is structured into a first part in which the artist cannot intervene in the discussion by merely listening, and a second part in which they actively participate. 

Autoritratto is a poster art project born in Bologna in 2018 with the desire to investigate the writing concealed within handheld and digital footprints, a self-portrait to which we have always been destined, and the strong power of the silent language of gestures. Voiceless yet eloquent, moving hands chase each other on urban walls, to date visible in several cities around the world. 

09/28/2022 6:30 pm

Admission up to you or with Parsec card (5€).
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