The CRIT is a moment in which the artist opens up to a collective critique and discussion with the audience who can express their views on the work, building an opportunity for shared analysis. Each CRIT is open to all and is structured in a first part in which the artist cannot intervene in the discussion by merely listening, and in a second part in which they can participate actively.

Paki Belmonte is an eclectic performer who works with the body through dance, clown, mime and physical theater. He discovered painting when he was 22 years old and since then, in parallel with his performance activity, he has been working and researching for about twenty years through unusual materials such as spices, cotton, flour, earths and pigments to give life to canvases with an informal matrix.

Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Admission up to you or with Parsec card (5€).
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