Wednesday 14 December
6.30 p.m.
Parsec, Via del porto 48 c/d

For the third appointment of String Figures, a review of queer transfeminist theories and literature, curated by Graziana Marziliano and Alessandro Farris, we will talk with June Scialpi (they/she) about her second book of poetry Il Golem. L’interruzione (Fallone Editore) just published in November 2022 by Fallone Editore, about their political and poetic experience, and their work on language.

Admission up to you

June Scialpi (1998) published Carne Incognita (Ensemble 2019) and Il Golem. L’interruzione (Fallone Editore, 2022). Some of their texts have appeared in the journal Atelier. More recent unpublished works have been included in the anthology I cieli della preistoria. Antologia della nuovissima poesia pugliese (Marco Saya edizioni, 2022). They collaborates with various online realities and is interested in queer studies and transfeminism.

To follow, there will be a bibliomancy session!