What does it mean to translate from an intersectional perspective? What are the theories and practices behind this kind of approach? How can the translator act on the text from his or her own political positioning?

Laura Fontanella will lead us through the theories and practices of translation, dwelling on the importance of words, of choices, of translation as a political and collective act, starting from an excerpt taken from Susan Stryker’s Transgender History, now in Italian bookshops with the title “Storia Transgender. Radici di una Rivoluzione.”

The workshop costs 20 euros + Parsec card and places are limited! For info and registration write to parsec.bo@gmail.com

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Laura Fontanella, translator and editor, is the author of Il corpo del testo. Elements of queer transfeminist translation, Asterisco Editions. She has written for Routledge appearing in The Handbook of Gender, Feminism and Translation. She translates for several publishers including Settenenove and Luiss University Press. She is also the creator of the Gender in Translation workshop, now hosted in two modules, basic and advanced, by the Turin translation agency Words in Progress and, in a science fiction declination, by Gruppo Ippolita