Parsec, in collaboration with Associazione D.E.V., presents the first edition of Terrapolis – Performance and Moving Image Festival, which will take place on July 11, 2021 at the park Centro sportivo Bonori, Bologna. The festival takes shape from the encounter of visual and performing artists who present site-specific interventions.  The different performances and installations, based on participation and co-creation, aim to weave a network of connections with the elements of the park and with the public that passes through it.

Terrapolis is a system without a control centre, an open space in continuous evolution, a place where different practices intertwine, giving rise to unexpected relationships.

Terrapolis imagines new paradigms of collective realities within an urban park, to interweave singularities and generate new connections and multiform languages. The festival programme develops through different moments that intersect and range from the corporeality of language, to the moving image, to electronic music. Some of the works exhibited during the festival will be the result of workshops designed and led by the artists. 

The workshops are open to the public and will take place in the days preceding the festival. 

Carla Andrade
Marco Fontichiari & Molestia Auricularum
Mariangelika Ploumidou
Nicola Tirabasso
Sheeba Exp.
Usine Baug
Tabache & Nostromo Bonelli

Admission to the park is free, but we recommend to reserve seats for the performances by writing to

The festival is part of the UP WELL! festival organised by the D.E.V. Cultural Association.

Workshops & Walk around:
Anakiklosis with Mariangelika Ploumidou – collective textile deconstructions and reconstructions 
8-9-10 July at Parsec, Via del Porto 48 c/d

 Walk Around ‘Rogations’ with Marco Fontichiari & Molestia Auricularum 
10 July at Parsec, Via del Porto 48 c/d

Collective creation with Usine Baug – experimentation of expressive modalities
10-11 July at the park  Centro sportivo Bonori 

All workshops are open to the public and free of charge, with prior booking and membership (5€).

For info and reservations write to or book directly here:

Sunday 11 July 2021
Centro sportivo Pier Paolo Bonori
Via Romita, 2/7, 40128 Bologna BO
18.00 – 23.45

Terrapolis is part of Bologna Estate 2021, the programme of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna. 

The event will take place in total safety and in compliance with the Covid-19 emergency containment guidelines.