22.06.2024 – Terrapolis Festival
Villa Angeletti Park
4.30 p.m.
How to narrate climate change?
Talk with Nicolò Porcelluzzi and Enrico Pitzianti

Together with the two guests we will talk about their experiences in addressing the issues of climate change and ecology, with reference to their social and cultural implications.

Nicolò Porcelluzzi is a writer, author and editor of the Treccani Pocketbook. He has written Fare i versi(Quanti, Einaudi 2022) and, with Matteo De Giuli, MEDUSA (Not, NERO editions 2021).

MEDUSA newsletter was born in 2017. MEDUSA talks about climate and cultural change, new discoveries and old ideas, literature and planet. It comes out every other Wednesday, edited by Matteo De Giuli and Nicolò Porcelluzzi, in collaboration with Not.

Enrico Pitzianti is a journalist, every week he writes for Wired Italia Non Scaldiamoci, the newsletter on the political and social consequences of global warming and environmental issues. He mainly writes about the environment and foreign policy, with a special focus on Africa.

Non scaldiamoci is an environmentalist diary on climate change Climate apocalypse, Fridays for Future, decarbonisation, extinct species: in this Wired newsletter you will find a look at the facts, news and individual behaviour that can curb the crisis of an increasingly hotter planet.