During the summer months, together with the Eden A.S.D. Association, we carried out Ricreazioni: a project aimed at children and teenagers who, through art and sports, are brought to face the issues of social change and evolution. Parsec conceived and organized five art workshops that took place during the weeks of the Eden Summer Camp. From graffiti and street art to photography, alternative use of technology and screen printing, and sound, sign and word. 

The workshops were designed and adapted from time to time to the target audience, and at the end the works produced were displayed in a final exhibition designed and set up together with the children.

The exhibition is intended to be an event for both the parents and children as well as the athletes who attend Eden Park, thus combining the artistic and cultural aspect with the sports aspect.  

The exhibition will be on view until September 30, 2021. 
The project is made possible thanks to a grant from the City of San Lazzaro di Savena for the call for Art and Cultural Projects year 2021.