Contemporary Art Festival 
Bologna, 28 – 30 April / May TBA
A vision on the artistic research of independent realities.
Notes for a practice of the exhibition impossibility.  

Crises bring to light unresolved issues. This city (this country) has a huge problem of disinterest and carelessness regarding the production of culture from below, in particular the widespread culture that is due to independent spaces like ours.

So we propose the unveiling of a reality that is alive but hidden from the eyes of the city because the city has become incapable of thinking beyond the usual expositive logics, because it bases the validity of a cultural action on profit and not on its social value, because it considers the aggregation of energies and ideas as a threat to the status quo and, when it doesn’t oppose them openly, it is not interested in promoting them.

Non-profit cultural realities, in fact, while guaranteeing security and respecting anti-covid regulations, have been unable to open their spaces and continue their activities.

From April 28th to 30th we will raise the shutters, illuminate the windows, use the roofs and external walls of our spaces to offer the public installations that can be enjoyed from the outside.

In what way? By altering and subverting. By working in an interdisciplinary way and establishing a proper dialogue between the different realities that feel part of a common project. 

We have created a map: we will use the technique of the constellation of events. 

At the end of May then, we will set in the streets artistic and cultural actions of the realities that have definitely lost their space. Both initiatives will be held in full compliance with the anti-covid19 security measures.

The events, in addition to show the nonsense of wanting to divide the culture into spaces of series A and series B, want to start a discussion on the significance of artistic production in the social life of a city and the role of independent spaces in this process, so that cultural associations are recognized as fundamental to the life of the city.

It is with an indomitable spirit of protest against the institutions that have abandoned us that today we present our project to the city: OUT OF ORDER.


brucia babe, burn! MATILDE CASSARINI 2021