The entire day of Friday, June 24 is dedicated to the Parsec Residency and Parsec Residency/Art & Ecologies project, Parsec’s residency programs aimed at emerging artists.

11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Open studio
The studios of the artists-in-residence, Sissj Bassani and Chiara Mecenero, will be open to the public to create an opportunity for them to meet and engage and learn about the artists’ projects and research.

6:30 pm Talk and presentation of Earthbound. Overcoming the Anthropocene – 2nd Edition with KABUL Magazine

“Love of nature is a process of becoming aware of and deconstructing the ideologies of racism, sexism, heterosexism and ableism, so that we can stop reducing our idea of nature to that of a mysterious and beautiful heterosexual mother.” (Chaia Heller)

What are the intersections between domination over nature and discrimination of minorities? Is it possible to rethink the concept of hegemonic masculinity? What discussion can we develop regarding the identification and differentiation of human responsibility for the environmental crisis?

Starting with the authors selected for the volume “Earthbound. Overcoming the Anthropocene – 2nd Edition,” the editorial staff of KABUL questions the cultural patterns that have led to the current environmental scenario in order to think about their transformation.

KABUL is a journal of contemporary arts and cultures, an independent publishing house, a free digital archive of translations, and a nonprofit cultural association. KABUL has been working since 2016 to promote contemporary culture in Italy. Together with critics, university professors and practitioners in the field, it works to disseminate topics and research central to the current international artistic and cultural debate. 

KABUL is a project by Dario Alì, Valeria Minaldi, Francesca Vason.

Free admission. Optional membership card €5.
Self-financing event with fundraising.
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