On 23 February 2023 at 8.30 p.m., Parsec presents the second event of Diversions – Moving Image Showcase Vol. II, entitled OUR BODIES CHANGE EVERYTHING – Porn outside the norm, curated by Neon at Circolo Dev. 

Starting from a reflection on the cycle of image production and subsumption, the selected short films investigate their pornographic nature in a meta-textual manner. Some of them make their own the awareness of the image produced and its use and consumption in the panorama of a pornographic society; others use this awareness as an opportunity to shatter the expectations stereotypically placed on pornography, seen as mere consumption, by implementing a fierce anti-capitalist and liberating critique. Others, finally, reflect on the very condition of filmmaking/performance and the representation of one’s body outside the heteronormative logics of mainstream porn.

Line Up
A CYBORG MANIFESTO – Four Chambers (5’, UK, 2020)
KITCHEN TALK – Reclaiming Our Image (5’, Germania, 2018)
MENTAL POEM – EDIY PORN (5’, Brasile, 2020)
DIX PIX – Steven Fraser (4’, UK, 2019)
WE STAY – Raphael Duracell (12’, Francia, 2018)
X-MANAS – Clarissa Ribeiro (18’, Brasile, 2017)
MES CHÉRIS – Ethan Folk, Ty Wardell, Jamal Phoenix (12’, Germania, 2020)
FULL – AORTA Films (14’, USA, 2017)
NULLO – Jan Soldat (15’, Germania, 2021)
THE SEWERS OF HETEROSEXUALITY – Marianne Chargois (11’, France, 2019)
bdsm/toilet play/sounding


Neon works with cinema, theatre, art and their intersection with queer activism. Since 2018, they have collaborated with the cultural space Fivizzano27. Since 2019 they have curated the Hacker Porn Film Festival in Rome. In 2022 they created the queer self-productions festival FAQQ.

23 February 2023 – 8.30 p.m.
Circolo DEV – Via Capo di Lucca 29/3G, Bologna

Entrance reserved to AICS members.
Online registration: www.circolodev.com/