Machine for the emission of dreams, memories, ectoplasms, tales, nightmares, chimeras and hallucinations

On Saturday, March 16, at 6 p.m. Parsec hosts Mesmerica L.N.I.-3, a project by Federico Arani, Camilla Carroli, Irene Coscarella, Stella Liantonio, Gabriele Magro, Davide Marcianesi, Tommaso Pandolfi, and Arianna Tremolanti.

MESMERICA L.N.I-3 is a limited edition set of collectible cards made during Lab For New Imagination 3 at the MACRO Museum in Rome. The collection consists of visual and textual research by the eight participants investigating the dimension of dreaming. The publishing format can trigger collective comparison and fruition dynamics, exchange and collecting. Cards, randomly distributed within packets, get lost and overlap with each other: becoming engines of unexpected combinations.

Graphic design: Davide Marcianesi
Lab for New Imaginations coordinator: Irene Angenica

Admission is up to you or with Parsec’s membership card