Thursday, 13 JuneΒ 
9:30 pm
DEV Garden – Giardino del Cavaticcio
Passaggio Alinovi, entrance on the side of Via del Porto

Second appointment with Green Screen – film and ecology

Look Then Below (2019) – Ben Rivers
The film evokes futuristic creatures from a mysterious smoke-filled landscape and the depths of the earth. Look Then Below was filmed in the vast, dark passages of the Wookey Hole caves beneath the Mendips in Somerset. The underground world of the caves, which once held the remains of lost civilizations, now portends a future underworld.Β 

Ben Rivers studied fine arts at Falmouth School of Art, then began self-taught 16 mm filmmaking. His filmmaking practice moves between documentary and fiction. Often following and filming people who have separated from society in some way, raw footage provides Rivers with a starting point for creating oblique narratives that imagine alternative existences in marginal worlds.
In 1996 he co-founded Brighton Cinematheque, which he then co-programmed until his passing in 2006.

Free event.

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