Liminal landscape
exhibition of Vincenzo Marzella
June 25-July 7
h 17.30/23.45
Dev garden – Giardino del Cavaticcio

Passaggio Alinovi, entrance side Via del Porto
opening june 25 h 18.30

Liminal landscape is the first exhibition of Parsec’s Zona III darkroom project. Vincenzo Marzella, one of the main figures revolving around the project, photographs in black and white, 35mm and medium format, recounting an almost metaphysical everyday life, suspended in time with shots that formally recall pictorial photography.

The series proposed for the exhibition tells of places suspended in time. Although the human figure is absent, its imprint is clearly visible to the eye of the beholder. The wide tonal range of the photographs, chosen during the printing phase by Marzella, enhances the ambiguity of the subjects, fragmented remnants of discontinuous spaces and times that the artist has immortalized during his travels. The photographs thus serve as a threshold to show landscapes that stand between the real and the imaginary, generating a sense of nostalgia and instability.

Vincenzo Marzella, class of ’87, was born and raised in the province of Taranto. The son of an amateur photographer, he became passionate about the photographic medium in a more active and conscious way during his high school years. He then moved to Bologna, where he currently lives, bringing with him his father’s Nikon FA with which he began his first analog approaches. He deepened his technical knowledge through numerous workshops with big names in contemporary analog photography, implementing to the shooting process that of developing and printing.

The exhibition is part of Bologna Estate 2024, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna and the Metropolitan City of Bologna – Bologna-Modena Tourist Territory.