Friday, June 18 and Saturday, June 19 opens Parsec’s photography section. 

We will take you to our darkroom, where you can participate in the process of printing a photo to take home with you.

The darkroom will then remain available for those who wish to use it to print and scan their own negatives.

Come and visit us! 

Free admission with membership card

Cost of printing workshop (reservation required): 10€ 
Write to: info@parsecbologna.com

Materials available:

Meopta Opemus 5 enlarger

– meopta belar 1:4.5 50 mm
– Rodenstock rodagon 1:5.6 80mm
– Schneider kreuznach 1:4 80mm

Durst TIM 60 timer

All the necessary tools for developing negatives and printing in black and white, such as tank with washing tube, focometer, ilford multigrade filters, thermometer, 29×21 cm basins, etc.)

For info and reservations: info@parsecbologna.com