Friday 20 October 2023
From 5 p.m. meet us in Via San Carlo for a toast!
Porto-Saragozza neighbourhood

17 cultural and non-cultural organisations. Not exactly a social street, not a white night, not an open day: a neighbourhood party. We open our venues to get to know each other and make ourselves known, in a series of events. A party to tell what each of us likes to do every day.

With Altre Velocità, Ci. Ma. Studio, Anonima Impressori, PLUS APS РBLQ Checkpoint, La Puteca, Zimmerfrei studio, Parsec, Visual Lab, DAS РDevice Arti Sperimentali, Artebambini, Porto15, Granata, MIT РMovimento Identità Trans, Hidden Garage, Stefano Pilia Viviani, Libreria Baak, Flavio Belletti Intagliatore

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Graphic design by Marco Smacchia

Patronage of the Porto-Saragozza district of the Municipality of Bologna