New Crit on Friday May 3 at 6.30 pm with Paolo Bergamaschi.

The CRIT is a moment in which the artist opens up to a collective critique and to a confrontation with the public who will be able to express their point of view building an occasion of shared analysis. Each CRIT is open to all and lasts 45 minutes, structured into a first part in which the artist cannot intervene and a second part in which they can actively participate.

Paolo Bergamaschi, an Emilian born in ’97, at the age of 20, while studying literature at the University of Bologna, began composing his first verses. At first shyly, almost hidden from himself, he writes what his heart dictates. Over the years, after training the poetic monkey, Paul discovers the intimate connection flowing between poetry and music, and his artistic project turns toward an unknown land. His endeavor turns to the creation of poetry that is polysemous, multimedia, and flows into a harmonious syncrasis with the other arts. At present, Paul works as a teacher in France, writes in L’Indiependente, and pursues an electronic music project under the name MaƤlgabeskij.

03.05.2024 6.30 p.m.

Admission up to you or with Parsec card.