Rachele Montoro, winner of the fifth edition of PARSEC RESIDENCY, will be the protagonist of the next Crit.

The CRIT is a moment in which the artists open themselves up to a collective critique and confrontation with the audience who will be able to express their point of view by building an opportunity for shared analysis.
Each CRIT is open to all and has a duration of 45 minutes, structured in a first part in which the artist is not allowed to participate and a second part in which they can participate actively.

Rachele Montoro during the residency will bring to the stage their astrological alter ego: Paola Volpe.

Paola Volpe connects with many people and triggers fun situations during karmic rituals, she was born as the more driven and queer version of Paolo Fox and is a performer who works with astrological cabarets and energy rituals. She calls herself a 90s kid and draws much of her culture and aesthetic from the 1990s pop scene.

06/16/2023 6:30pm

Admission up to you or with Parsec membership card