Contemporary art-sculpture-ecology workshop for children (5 – 10 years)
curated by Caterina Morigi
in collaboration with Parsec

Tuesday 09 July – 6.30 p.m.
11 September 2001 Park / L’Altro Spazio
Via Azzo Gardino

In the seas and oceans there is a mollusc that collects on its shell many fragments found on the seabed. It carefully chooses stones, pieces of coral, other shells and sometimes objects made by humans. It attaches them to its back through the mineral of which its shell is made. In this way, its shell becomes larger and more decorated, but at the same time it can blend in with the seabed.

In the workshop we will go in search of objects, natural and other elements, paying attention to the environment around us, focusing on details through the senses. Finally, together we will make one or more sculptures inspired by Xenophora, the shell that is covered in fragments.

Caterina Morigi (Ravenna, 1991) is a visual artist, graduated from the IUAV in Venice and teaches at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. Her practice focuses on changes in matter and the substantial relationship that exists between human and natural.

Free workshop

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